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Tuesday, May 26, 2009
Sorry I haven't updated the blog in a while. Things have just been happening TOO quickly!! I will update it soon (realistically after the wedding) with my various projects and such. But today I just had to write as a journal. I looked at my calendar and my countdown ticker and am STUNNED. STUNNED. STUNNED that we only have 18 days left. Where did the time go? I'm freaking out seriously. I have so much to do and so little time! I leave for California next Thursday night. Can you blieve it? I can't. I'm excited yet very nervous. We have so much to do! Please say a little prayer that we don't go nuts!


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Monday, March 23, 2009
So little old me decided to submit my match box idea into a "Do-It-Yourself" Wedding contest. I said what the heck it won't hurt right? And TA-DAAAA! I'm a finalist! Out of 160 amazing entries, they picked mine!! I'm so happy and excited and I can't believe it. The winner gets $500 buckeroos cash! So, please please please VOTE FOR MY MATCHBOXES!!

Scroll all the way to the bottom! Gracias!

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Sunday, March 15, 2009
We do! We do! We don't know why but as we leave a nice restaurant, Will and I always grab some matches as a souvenier. Our collection is vast and very useful too! So that got me thinking, how cute would it be to have some for our wedding? My creative wheels started turning, one thing led to another and VOILA! We have personalized wedding matchboxes! We'll probably put them in a little bowl by the bar or maybe at the tables. Who knows, but we're happy with the turnout :)

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Thursday, March 5, 2009
I have been meaning to update everyone on the awesome (and free) wedding shows I have been invited to throughout the planning process. They are so much fun! They are very swanky and I dont know if it's because I live in NYC or what, but I'm talking creme de la creme, hob nobbing with wedding industry celebrities such as Sylvia Weinstock, Colin Cowie, etc! Tons of fancy champagne bubbly flowing left and right, white glove service. I'm talking, fancy smancy! I love it! They always give away awesome goody bags at the end of the night worth hundreds. Seriously. So. Much. Fun!

Well, I got my invite of the week to the "Wedding Salon" show. I invite any and all of my readers to check it out! Normally tickets are $50 but if you use the code below, it will be free. I truely believe a bride should never have to pay for these events (even though they try to charge you)! Go ahead ladies, let yourselves be pampered!

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Monday, February 23, 2009
We've been keeping a secret for a very long time.... We thought and thought about how to make our wedding different and offer something memorable for our guests to take home...We wanted to surprise everyone but recently decided to start spreading the word so our guests can practice their cheesiest poses and smiles... without further, OUR WEDDING FAVORS!!

So polish those pearly whites, puff up that hair-do, we'z about to get CHEESAY! Here are some sample poses for your perusal!

The best thing about this is: It will double as our guest sign in book! That's right, each print comes with a double. One for you and one for us! There will be a scrap book for you to paste that bad boy and for you to write us a little note of LOVE and wishes!

Oh yeah, and did we mention, UNLIMITED! That's right, take as many as you want! It's been paid for! hehe..

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Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Everyday I would catch myself spending too much time trying to figure out exactly how many days were left until our big day. Then I remembered an old co-worker who had this adorable countdown ticker. And so I bought one! In case you're curious, we have 116 days until Will and I become hubby and wifey! Yeeehaww! And whats adorable about this lil ticker is that it came with interchangable plates that we can use after the wedding. You know, to countdown to anniversaries, vacations, and most importantly, BABIES!! :)

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So we have finally decided to book our honeymoon for Punta Cana, Dominican Republic! Yeah!!! Why do you ask? Simply put, we get more bang for our buck! We have a huge goal to save up enough money to buy a home soon in California in preperation for our big move out there. We even considered nixing a honeymoon. But quickly came to our senses and decided to something more affordable yet memorable. I'm so excited and wish we were already going next week! Haha, but lets back up a bit because we are in a major predicament, we can't make up our mind on which resort to pick!! So ladies and gentelmen, I introduce to you:


1) Majestic Colonial - A more established five star resort, rated number one on Tripadvisor (my travel bible), has a honeymoon offer (i'm a sucker for free stuff), and has some solid reviews on Tripadvisor. A tad cheaper than Majestic Elegance (by a few bucks). Gorgeous beach I hear.

2) Majestic Elegance - The new baby in the Majestic Family. Right next to Majestic Colonial and it looks very promising. Due to it's recent grand opening in November, there are a lot of kinks and growing pains. This has caused them to have some really bad reviews on Tripadvisor. Hmmm.. But it IS newer and supposedly an "upgraded" version of Majestic Colonial. Gorgeous beach, here as well (duh it's right next door to MC).

3) Excellence Resort - Supposedly Creme de la creme in Punta Cana. My buddy Jackie G (of Jackie G Photography in Texas, soon to be California) is staying here and I am envious! Its about $100 more expensive than the two above but it has a big "Adults Only" section. The only major major drawback for us is that the beach is "rougher" and the sand isnt white. Trivial, I know, but we're major beach lovers and love tranquil beaches!
Decisions, Decisions!

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